ISBN 978-0-646-52808-3
234x153mm, 260 pages
Includes colour plates,
maps and index
RRP AU$32 + P&H

All at Sea

Ron Wright

All at Sea traces the exploration and achievements of the sea-faring, northern hemisphere nations, on a mission to secure further possessions and trading lanes to all, and often unknown, corners of the globe. Of men who helped to secure the sovereign rights once obtained, resulting in extended wars of attrition in all the world’s known seas.

The colourful language of the sea which over the centuries became the lingua franca shared by the maritime nations, is still much in evidence in our everyday speech.

Brief explanations of a variety of early nautical inventions: descriptions of, not all, sailing vessels prior to the introduction of steam. The inclusion of such dignitaries as Joseph Banks, the ‘father of Australia’; James Lind, the British naval physician who gave us the cure for scurvy; and John Barrow, the brilliant 18th century administrator who was instrumental in a new era of exploration, in a rare period of peace in Europe.

The book contains 8 colour plates (supplied by the National Maritime Museum, London), 4 maps, and appendices, and index – 260 pages in all, with 8 chapters: Explorers and navigators, Naval commanders, Famous sea battles, Sailing vessels, Nautical inventions, Naval phraseology, Naval terminology, Worth a mention.

The brilliant full-colour cover is reproduced from a painting supplied by one of Australia’s leading maritime artists, Ian Hansen.